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John’s Pizza- Bleecker Street

1 Jul


My husband was in the city today and we decided to take advantage of us both there to have dinner and drinks. We are rarely in the city together yet we live pretty close. So it is a treat to have some fun rather than just going in for work and then going home. We went for a few drinks at Johnny Utah’s right by office. Fun spot for drinks after work, but too loud for me! Although it would have been fun to ride the bull! Lol

We knew we wanted pizza, but as anyone who has been to NY knows; there are a lot of pizza places! Ray’s, Famous Ray’s, Lombardi’s; the list goes on and on! We are used to Pepes Pizza from CT! Thin, Crispy Crust, Burnt edges, perfect amount of cheese to dough ratio. So we wanted to find some place to compare this too.

Enter John’s Pizza of Bleecker Street in the Village. Definitely not a huge tourist trap like some of the other well known places in the city. Yes tourists eat here, but so do the locals. There website says they only take cash, so make sure you have some on hand. A medium pizza has 6 slices and costs 12.00, 2.00 for each additional topping. DH and I could have split a medium, but we wanted some leftovers and we wanted to sample different kinds.

Less than 10 minutes after we ordered, our pizzas had arrived! Definitely the fastest pizza we had ever ordered. I ordered cheese and fresh garlic while DH got a pepperoni.



The verdict– the pizza was delicious!! Crispy as we like it with just the right amount of oils, sauce, and seasonings. Pepes is still my favorite, but John’s is a close second. We will definitely venture back next time we are in the city!