Garlic Knots

2 Jan

Garlic Knots…what more do I need to say!  Little garlic balls of goodness loaded with butter and full of flavor!  These things are so addicting. One of my best friends and I head to a local restaurant that features these on their menu and we normally finish the whole order!  They are usually served with red sauce, but I can easily take them without the sauce!  You can make the dough yourself or head to your local pizza place and pick up a package of dough already made!

Package of pizza dough
Kosher Salt
1 stick of salted butter
3 tablespoons of minced garlic
Italian Seasonings


1.  Begin by flouring your surface or cutting board.  Place pizza dough on work surface and flour both sides.  Flour until dough is no longer sticky to work with.
2.  With dough on surface, grab a rolling-pin and begin rolling the dough until flat.  Add extra flour on rolling-pin if dough is sticky to work with.
3.  Once dough is flat and relatively in shape of a rectangle; sprinkle with kosher salt and olive oil.  Spread olive oil all around the dough until all is covered.
4.  Let dough sit for 20 minutes.
5.  After 20 minutes, take a knife or pizza cutter and cut the dough into strips.  My strips varied in size, but they averaged about 1/2 inch in width.
6.  After all the dough is cut into strips, begin rolling each strip back and forth until each strip is in a rope/worm form!

7.  Once all the dough is in ropes, take a rope one by one and tie into a knot.  Tie it over, under, and through. I actually kept tieing each rope until knots formed through most of the rope.   With the ropes tied into knots, place on lightly sprayed cookie sheet.  If there is any leftover rope that is not tied into knot, just place that extra dough on the top of the knots… it should look like a lump of dough!

8.  Place the stick of butter in microwave safe bowl.  Add minced garlic to bowl and microwave until butter is fully melted.  Keep an eye on this so butter doesn’t overflow!
9.  Once butter is completely melted,  take a pastry brush and brush each piece of dough with the butter/garlic mixture.  I normally make sure that some of the garlic is infiltrated into each nook; the more garlic each piece has, the better!  Sprinkle each knot with Italian Seasonings.
10.  Bake at 400 degrees for 12-15 minutes or until dough is fully cooked and the garlic knots are lightly brown.
11.  After knots are cooked, brush with any remaining butter mixture.
12.  Serve immediately and enjoy!


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